Mermaid Party Supplies

Make A Splash With These Mermaid Party Ideas

It’s o-fish-ial! Mermaids are our new obsession. These beautiful sea sirens and the legends surrounding them have captivated people young and old for centuries. We call that a trend with staying power! After researching the latest mermaid birthday parties, we couldn’t wait to dive in! But with so many mermaid party ideas in the sea, where do you begin? We decided to focus on DIY mermaid decorations. Packed with vibrant color from tropical waters, these mermaid party decorations are sure to make a splash. Check out all our fun mermaid theme party ideas and throw the celebration of the summer.

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Garland

Normally a school of jellyfish would cause us to swim away, but these cuties don’t sting! We created this adorable strand of jellies using our Teal Honeycomb Ball Garland and Mint Crepe Paper Streamers. To make your own, start by cutting the streamers into 12-inch strips, then cut those segments in half lengthwise so you have skinny ribbons. You will need about 4 pieces per jellyfish. Crimp each streamer by folding it up accordion-style (or just give it a scrunch in your fist). Tape 4 pieces of streamers to the inside of a tissue paper honeycomb ball (still halved, so it’s flat). Finally, fold the honeycomb ball open so it closes on top of the taped ends of the streamers. Repeat this process on the other mini honeycomb balls and then hang on a wall or across a doorway.

Under the Sea Tablescape

You’ll need a solid spot to display your mermaid birthday cake, so create a show-stopper mermaid party table. Drape your whole table with a mermaid tablecloth (or even a fisherman’s net) before stacking the cake and other mermaid party snacks on top. Here’s where our mermaid paper plates, cups, and napkins come in handy! Arrange one or several of our fish-tailed Mermaid Party Centerpieces on top for instant flair. You can hang our glittering Mermaid Party Garland on the front of the table or on the wall just above it. Pop a few of your own starfish or seashells around the table for extra oceanic vibes.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Mermaid Party Party

Mermaid Treasure Trove

Check out this trove of treasures untold! A mermaid party isn’t complete without a little adventure searching for objects lost at sea. Gently place sand in a contained space and hide an assortment of party favors such as rings, keychains, bubbles, and bouncy balls for kids to dig up. We used a small silver tray befitting the sea, but for bigger parties you can use a larger bucket or even a kiddie pool. Make sure to keep a stack of Mermaid Goodie Bags nearby for guests to pack up their treasures before heading home.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Mermaid Party Favors Dig Game

Bubble Balloons

This mermaid party decoration couldn’t be easier! We simply blew up assorted sizes of white latex balloons with air and taped them to the wall. We think our balloon wall looks just like bubbles floating under the sea. You could also try this look with clear or solid color balloons.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Bubble Balloons

Fringe Garland Photo Backdrop

Make memories while posing for mermaid selfies in front of a deep blue sea photo booth backdrop! Our versatile Tissue Paper Fringe Garland makes it easy to create a DIY mermaid party accent wall. We used mint, teal, light blue, and dark blue to create an under the sea waterscape. Get a step stool and tape the fringe garland near the top of a blank wall, allowing the garlands to overlap. Once garland is properly placed, begin to twist the garland to create an oceanic wonderland. Grab some photo booth props and pose in front of the garland for a dreamy mermaid photo shoot.

Mermaid Party Ideas - Fringe Garland Photobooth

Browse online or swim to your local party store to discover all our Mermaid Party supplies and more!

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