Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

7 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday At-Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

There is no doubt that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we live and especially the way we celebrate special occasions. Birthdays don’t get put on hold for a pandemic. Both children and adults want some sort of celebration as a break from the boredom and a chance to have some fun while being quarantined.

Even though some states are beginning to reopen, the reality is large gatherings and parties aren’t going to happen for a while. We understand just how badly everyone wants to start seeing all their friends and family, but we have to put safety first. That’s why we’ve come up with seven ideas for how you can still have an amazing birthday at home while practicing social distancing.

1. Birthday Car Parade

You’ve probably already seen this idea popping up on your Instagram feed. A drive-by birthday car parade is one of the easiest ways to celebrate with loved ones without any physical contact.

All you have to do is decorate your car with balloons, banners, and streamers. Then, write your birthday wishes on the windows using a window paint marker. Once your car is decorated, drive over to the birthday boy or girl’s house. They will either be out in the driveway or waiting at the window to receive their birthday wishes. This birthday drive-by is a fun — but most importantly safe — way to put a smile on someone’s face who may be feeling lonely on their birthday.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

2. Decorate the Outside of Your House

Another trend right now is decorating your yard for a birthday. If it’s your child’s birthday and you’re going to do the previously mentioned car parade, this is a great idea to get the house ready for everyone’s arrival. You can also do this as a surprise for someone living at the house or as a special birthday wish for a neighbor. All you need are banners, balloons, streamers, hanging decorations, and, of course, sidewalk chalk. You can hang the banners and streamers across your garage door or along your porch. Then, tie the balloons to your mailbox or tape them around a door. Use the hanging décor to decorate your trees or hang them from the sides of your house. Finally, use the sidewalk chalk to write a message in your driveway or on the sidewalk for the birthday girl or boy to see.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

3. Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

One of the saving graces of this whole quarantine situation is technology. Luckily, most of us have access to some kind of video chat app (Zoom, FaceTime, Houseparty, Google Hangouts, etc.), and odds are you’ve already been using it the past month to keep in touch with people.

These apps are also a great way to gather everyone together to throw a virtual birthday party. For the ultimate virtual party, you’re going to want to have a fun virtual party backdrop. Pick the spot you’re going to sit during the call, then hang banners, a metallic fringe curtain, balloons, and other decorations behind your couch or chair to be a background for your video. You can also purchase party hats, tiaras, party horns, and other party accessories online to wear and use during the call. Just because you can’t be in person, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday with everyone.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

4. Balloons

Balloons and birthdays have gone hand-in-hand for years. But now, more than ever, balloons are an easy way to celebrate a birthday during social distancing. Number balloons and word balloon banners spelling out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” have been a big trend for the last few years, and with self-quarantine going on, it seems they’ve become even more popular. People love to pose for photos holding the balloons while celebrating their “quarantine birthday” indoors.

The balloon fun doesn’t stop there. You can still purchase traditional foil balloons and latex balloons too. Just because you’re used to seeing these balloons filled with helium doesn’t mean you can’t fill them with air — foil balloons included. Use a balloon pump if you have one. But if you don’t have access to a balloon pump, you can use a straw. Insert the straw into the valve, then blow into the straw to get air into the balloon. Once it is fully inflated, remove the straw, and the self-sealing valve will close. Once filled, you can tape the balloon to a wall or place it on a table — no helium needed!

There are lots of helium-free balloon decorations you can create. For more ideas check out our No-Helium Balloon Decorations blog.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

5. Banners, Streamers, and Tissue Decor

Surprise someone on the morning of their birthday by having them walk downstairs to a living room or dining room bursting with color. There are plenty of things you can do with paper decorations. To start, you can hang a banner or two along the wall or the mantel. Then, you can take it up a notch by creating an eye-catching table runner using our tissue paper hanging décor. Last, finish it off with a fringe curtain using our crepe paper streamers.

For more information on how to create these decorations and for other decoration ideas using crepe paper streamers, check out our DIY Crepe Paper Streamer Decorations blog.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

6. Pinatas and Games

Just because you aren’t having a party, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pinata and other games. Fewer people just means more turns for everyone! Pinatas not only make a great party game, but they’re also great for decorating tables and posing with in pictures. After you’ve taken a couple of memorable photos to post later, fill the pinata up with candy, tie it to a tree, and take turns among the family trying to break it open or find the magic pull string. With just your immediate family playing, it means everyone will get more turns, and the fun will last longer!

Another fun activity that every kid is sure to love is hourly gift unwrapping. Wrap up all their presents the day before and then set your phone alarm to go off every hour. Each time the alarm goes off, your kid is allowed to open one of their gifts. This will help your child to pass the time without getting antsy. Plus, what kid wouldn’t love getting multiple presents throughout the day?

For more game ideas, check out our Carnival Birthday blog for carnival games you can easily re-create at home.

Birthday Party Supplies - Coronavirus Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

7. Cake Decor

We all know no birthday is complete without a cake. If you’re lucky enough to get grocery delivery in your area, you may be able to get a traditional birthday cake delivered to you. If you’re not, you can bake a cake at home or use other treats like cookies, brownies, or even pancakes! No matter the sweet you pick, we have tons of things you can use to top off your cake. Read all about the ways you can decorate a cake in our Cake Décor blog.

There you have it. Celebrating a birthday during coronavirus quarantine isn’t hard at all. You can order most of your party supplies online (allow extra time for shipping delays). But if you want to shop local, call your local party store and ask them if they’re doing curbside pickup. Just remember to stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will get through this. ♥ And when we do, we’ll be sure to throw a party to celebrate!