Farm Party Supplies

Farm Party Ideas That are Udder Fun

Hay now! Grab your favorite overalls, it’s time for a farm party! Barnyard and farm themed parties are in demand among children under the age of 10. Between the adorable barnyard animals and fun farmer flair, it’s easy to see why kids love this latest party trend. While you can throw a farm birthday party year-round, it’s an especially great party theme for transitioning from summer to fall, when the heat is starting to simmer down and there’s plenty of local produce to eat. For our own barnyard party, we combined a few easy farm party snacks with our Farm Party supplies and a bushel of gingham for good measure. Keep reading for more of our cute and colorful farm party ideas to turn any backyard into a barnyard – minus the cow pies!

Farm Party Supplies - Farm Party Ideas

Farm to Tablescape

Set the table for a chow down! Our classic Red Gingham Plastic Tablecloth will add a touch of rustic farm charm to the spread. Pop our Farm Party Centerpiece on top and arrange the included animal cutouts across the table. Kids will love seeing their favorite farm animals standing in between snacks. Finish the table off with our Farm Party paper plates, napkins, cups, and red polka dot paper straws.

Farm Party Supplies - Farm Party Ideas

Down on the Farm Decorations

It’s easy to take the party space from drab to farmer fab! Make sure all the beloved barnyard animals are front and center by hanging our Farm Party Garland. For a quick and easy DIY, recreate our straw hat garland. All you have to do is secure a few of our Straw Hats to a length of twine or ribbon with clothespins for a barnyard-worthy banner or photo booth backdrop.

A Barnyard Buffet

Hay may be for horses, but these munchies are for everyone! We struck the perfect balance between sweet, salty, and healthy with our farm party snacks. Using cut veggies and clear plastic cups, we created an adorable vegetable patch that’s ready for the pickin’. It’s OK to be a little corny! Create our easy Popcorn-On-The-Cob by filling Clear Cone Cellophane Bags with popcorn, and then wrapping a sheet of Lime Green Tissue Paper around the outside as the husk. And mini chocolate donuts look just like little tractor tires. Don’t forget to label all you farmer fare with our Chalkboard Food Labels, so your puns don’t fly the coop!

Farm Party Supplies - Farm Party Ideas

Farm-tastic Favors

Party guests can bring a little bit of the fun back to the homestead at the end of the day with our Farm Party Goodie Bags. Kids will be happier than a pig in slop to find these adorable treat bags filled with candy, Farm Animal Ear Headbands, Plastic Horse Figurines, Farm Sticker Sheets, and any other farm themed party favors.

Hitch your wagon to the horse and head over to your local party supply store or shop online to stock up on these farm party supplies and more!

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