Thanksgiving Party Supplies - Friendsgiving Ideas

5 Friendsgiving Ideas to Make Your Second Family Feel at Home

Pronunciation [frendz-giv-ing]
noun informal
1. A Thanksgiving celebration hosted by friends, for friends.

Thanksgiving Party Supplies - Friendsgiving Ideas

For those unfamiliar, a new take on the traditional November gathering is beginning to build traction. It’s called Friendsgiving. It’s typically held a few days before the full family sit-down takes place, and it can sometimes be a lot more fun. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with your nearest and dearest, and it doesn’t have to be a pricey production. Most of the time, everybody’s encouraged to bring their own food option! So whether you’re a penny-pinching college student or someone who’s a little too far away to visit the family, a Friendsgiving dinner will be just the thing this holiday season. This week we threw our own Friendsgiving celebration and we put together a list of reasons why you should too!

Thanksgiving Party Supplies - Friendsgiving Ideas

1. It’s on your own time

Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. We know a lot of businesses give their employees the day off, but not always! The great thing about a Friendsgiving party is that you get to choose when it happens. If you’re into football, you can make it the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so you’ll have a game to watch. Or, you can wait until after Thanksgiving and have guests bring their leftovers to share – you’ll save some money!

Thanksgiving Party Supplies - Friendsgiving Ideas

2. You just pot-lucky

Instead of spending hours prepping for dinner, ask everyone to bring something different! Not only does this cut down the time you’d spend cooking, but it’s a fun way to test everybody’s culinary skills. And it’s a whole lot less stress on you!

3. No dirty dishes

We’re not saying you can’t use your nicest tableware, but paper tableware will definitely make things a whole lot easier! Our Harvest Pumpkin party supplies ensemble has just the right autumnal aesthetic to keep your guests happy, and it’s a super smart way to serve everyone. In addition to 7-inch and 9-inch plates, we have large 12.5-inch oval platters that are awesome for loading up with a Friendsgiving meal. Not to mention, when everybody’s finished, you’ll have a lot less dishes to wash!

Thanksgiving Party Supplies - Friendsgiving Ideas

4. It can be as stylish as you like

Perk up your place settings with a few fun napkin-folding techniques! There are plenty of awesome options out there that can be easily created with our paper napkins. See what we did for inspiration!

5. The real reason

Two Thanksgivings! Getting to celebrate with both your family AND your friends means you get the best of both worlds. And what better way to bond than with a mouthful of food? Take part in this trendy new tradition and shop our full collection of Harvest Pumpkins party tableware and decorations today!

We hope you’re hungry!

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