Solid Color Tableware - Rainbow Party Ideas

There’s No Such Thing As “Too Much Color”: Rainbow Party Ideas

Colors this bright, you have to see to believe! Our wide range of solid color tableware and decorations starts with the most ravishing reds and ends at the most vivid of violets – and it also offers stylish patterns and shiny foil options. With all these awesome colors to choose from, throwing a rainbow party just makes sense. That’s why we put together a few great ways for everyone to throw their own rainbow celebration.

From baby showers to pre-parade pride parties, there are as many reasons to start celebrating as there are colors on the spectrum. Some of the longest-held rainbow party trends include beautiful rainbow balloon arches, flashy rainbow paper straws, and (of course) delicious rainbow layer cake. Check out all of our rainbow themed party ideas and let us know your favorite!

Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies - Rainbow Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Party

Bring the colorful fun to a kid’s birthday party! From disc shooters to party blowers, our games and accessories come in every color of the rainbow. To create eye-catching goodie bags for all of your guests, first pick favors in each hue. Then, stuff your selections inside clear cello bags in the order of the rainbow. Finish by sealing each bag with a twist tie or colorful ribbon! These will make mesmerizing take-home gifts that fit perfectly with the rainbow party theme.

Next, bake a cake that’s just as colorful as it is delicious! This rainbow layer cake may look complicated, but the whole process is surprisingly simple. Using your preferred choice of cake mix, divvy the batter into six separate bowls. Then, use food coloring to turn each one into a color of the rainbow. After you’ve baked each section in their individual cake pans, stack your cake layers with a generous coating of icing in between each one. Don’t worry about icing the outside – leave all the colors on display.

When it’s time to eat, serve the cake with our solid color plates, napkins, and cutlery. Mix and match all the tableware to turn your party table into a DIY rainbow creation!

Rainbow Party Supplies - Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower

As the saying goes, “After every storm, there is a rainbow.” Choosing a rainbow theme is special to a lot of families, but it can also be a great choice for adding lots of color to a gender neutral baby shower!

Our two favorite parts of any rainbow baby shower are the mom-to-be’s gift chair and the colorful display table. Both are great opportunities to dazzle guests with your decorating skills. Upgrade the gift station with a rainbow balloon backdrop. By floating colorful latex balloons at different heights, you can produce an arched rainbow effect that’s sure to make the expecting mother beam. Afterwards, scatter some matching tissue paper decorations on the floor for some added style.

When you’re ready to decorate the table, we recommend setting out multi-colored cupcakes, a rainbow fruit arrangement, and a fancy cake decorated with colorful sprinkles. Top it all off with our shiny gold cake topper, the matching gold baby shower banner, and an array of colorful tissue decorations. With both these areas all ready to go, you’ll have a beautiful baby shower anyone would be over the rainbow about.

Rainbow Pride Party Supplies - Pride Party Ideas

Pride Party

Show your pride! June is Pride Month, so get ready to see tons of parties covered in rainbows galore. We got our pride party off to a colorful start by creating a bold balloon arch. This trendy décor is totally Pinterest-worthy and super easy to put together. There are lots of different ways to craft an arch. We made ours by sewing together a variety of latex balloons in varying shades and sizes with fishing line. Experiment with our 5”, 9”, and 12” balloons to create your own. Another great way to liven up your walls? Hang up our Rainbow Party Balloon Letter Banner for an instant pop of celebratory colors!

Bring more color to the table by arranging our champagne flutes, wine glasses, and other drinkware at your drink station, filled with a beautiful range of rainbow-colored concoctions. You can also kick your drinking game up a notch by adding some rainbow gelatin shots to the mix. Make the shots in our Clear Gelatin Shot Glasses, and set them out for guests to take.

Looking to make your celebration even sweeter? Serve some pride-tastic cupcakes! To create this pre-parade dessert, simply cut pieces of rainbow candy belts into the shapes of flags, poke a toothpick through each flag, then stick them in your cupcakes.

With our wide selection of rainbow decorations and tableware, there’s never a dull moment. Invite more color to any celebration and shop all of our rainbow party supplies today!

Rainbow Party Supplies - Rainbow Party Ideas

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