Llama Birthday Party Supplies - Llama Party Ideas

Make Your Party Look Llamazing with These Llama Party Ideas

Move over unicorns and make way for the mighty llama! These shaggy-coated creatures are majorly popular with kids and adults alike, so naturally we thought this party animal would make an adorable birthday theme. Trendy cacti and bright colors pair perfectly with the exotic llama aesthetic. We also included activities to make sure everyone has a LLAMA fun. Check out this batch of llama party ideas to see what all the fleece is about!

Llama Party Supplies - Llama Party Ideas

No-Drama Llama Walking Balloon

Kids ask for the darndest things, so be prepared if the guest-of-honor asks for a llama for their birthday. Our Llama Walking Balloon has all the cuteness of an actual llama without any of the shedding, spitting, or feeding. Thanks to weighted feet, when you inflate this balloon with helium it will remain close to the ground, like a real live pet. Tie the included ribbon, and kids will be ready to take this llama on the road.

Llama Birthday Party Supplies - Llama Party Ideas

Llovely Party Table

Our Llama Birthday plates, cups, and napkins make setting the table no probllama. And our Mini Llama Decorator Piñata makes a charming centerpiece. The miniature piñata is fillable, so it could also be used to hold candy and favors in lieu of loot bags.

Catcus Balloon - Llama Party Ideas - Llama Party Supplies

Do-It-Yourself Succulents

Something about llamas and cacti just makes sense! You can create 2 variations of these adorable DIY cactus balloons with just a few basic supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lime Green + Yellow Latex Balloons (all sizes)
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Small Felt PomPoms (optional)
  • Clear Tape
  • Clay Pot (optional)

For a potted succulent, simply inflate our 9” Lime Green Latex Balloon with regular air (save the helium!) and tape it into a clay flower pot. Then, take your permanent marker and draw little “V” shapes all around the balloon to resemble the cactus barbs. For a little extra flair you could add small pink pompoms or a small tassel of tissue paper to the top to resemble a cactus flower.

For a floating balloon, this DIY is just as easy. Simply repeat the steps listed above, but instead of regular air just inflate the balloon with helium. Replace the clay pot with curling ribbon and a balloon weight and the prickly décor is ready to soar.

Llama Party Supplies - Llama Party Ideas

Not Your Mama’s Party Games

Leave the donkey behind and make room for the real party animal, the Birthday Llama. As party experts, we can tell you the key to a fun party is a fabulous party game. So we put a new twist on not one but two tried and true classics.

Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, our Llama Birthday Party Game requires players to take turns attempting to “pin” on the llama’s tail (it’s a sticker) while blindfolded. This game set comes with 12 adhesive tails, a blindfold, and the game board, so all there is to do is hang it up and have fun!

Then make it rain candy and favors with our cute and colorful Llama Piñata. Sporting a pair of shades, this pull-string piñata is cool as can be, and best of all, it does not require any hitting, so guests of all ages are safe to play. Simply line everyone up and have them take turns tugging at the attached ribbons. Only one will open the secret hatch and release all the candy.

Save the drama and party with a llama. You can browse our digital catalog online to check out our range of Llama Birthday party supplies, decorations, and accessories, and place your order today.

Llama Party Supplies - Llama Party Ideas

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