DIY Surprise Ball Party Favor Instructions

Step by Step DIY Party Ideas: How to Make a DIY Surprise Ball Favor

Interest in do-it-yourself projects and crafts is surging in popularity. Just check out Pinterest and you’ll see thousands of DIY ideas across every aspect of living, including parties and entertaining – and on Instagram, the tag #diyparty nets more than 72k posts. With this cultural shift toward DIY personalization, we decided now is a great time to demonstrate how a few of our basic party supplies can be combined into amazing creations. Our first DIY feature is a Crepe Paper Surprise Ball party favor that is as easy to make as it is fun to destroy. All you need is a roll of streamers and a few of our small party favors.

Be sure to look for our future posts in our DIY series! We can’t wait to share other trendy DIY party decorations, games, crafts, and more with you.

Steps 1 & 2 for Making a Surprise Ball | DIY Surprise Ball Instructions

Finished Surprise Ball Party Favor | DIY Surprise Ball Instructions

Crepe Paper Surprise Ball

If you haven’t heard of a “Surprise Ball” before, the premise is little treats hidden beneath layers and layers of streamers. Kids have a blast unraveling yards of crepe paper and discovering the surprise goodies inside. These mini surprise balls would make excellent game prizes or additions to loot bags. Another fun option is popping a surprise ball at each place setting around the birthday table for guests to tear into while waiting for birthday cake and ice cream.

– Crepe Paper Party Streamers (available in 29 colors and patterns)
– Three (or more) small party favors
– Tape or a sticker

Step 1. First, pick some party favors! Small favors like our bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, stickers, and sticky stretch toys all work wonderfully.
Step 2. Start rolling the crepe paper evenly around your first favor.
Step 3. Once the first favor is completely covered, add the other favors in the streamer one at the time. Make sure each item is wrapped in a thick layer of crepe paper, so as to build out the spherical ball shape and also not ruin the surprise while being unwound.
Step 4. After all the favors are thoroughly wrapped in colorful crepe paper streamer, seal the ball with a sticker or piece of clear tape.

We love this activity because it is so easy to make and can be customized to fit any party theme. Plus, it’s a fun activity for party guests or favor for them to take home.