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Every Frozen Fan Will Want These Themed Party Supplies at their Birthday Bash

Disney’s Frozen 2 once again enchanted audiences around the world with another magical adventure – and has grossed over $1.3 billion globally since the film’s debut last November. Kids are just as obsessed with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf as they were when the movie first came out. If you have young children then you already know that based on the frequency of “Into the Unknown” being belted out in your home, in your car, in… everywhere. Frozen 2 is currently available for purchase on disc and digital, and was just added to the Disney+ streaming library. We are forecasting serious staying power for the franchise and for our in-demand Frozen party supplies.

Frozen Olaf Pinata and Twist Poppers | Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Fun Surprises to Make Kids Melt

Check out our two newest Frozen products: an adorable Olaf pinata and our confetti- and sticker-filled Frozen twist poppers. The Frozen Olaf Pinata is shaped just like the beloved snowman, so kids can give “him” warm hugs and pose for cute party photos. Just like our other pull-string pinatas, Olaf can hold up to two pounds of filler and has attached strings for players to pull one-by-one until the loot is randomly released. Our new Twist Confetti Push Poppers will send a surprise flying into the air! With just a twist, kids can pop their canister and release the confetti and surprise stickers inside. Poppers can be used as a fun activity during the party, awarded as a game prize, or added to loot bags for kids to take home. Both of these new Frozen products are now available, so order stock today!

Frozen Birthday Party Supplies | Frozen Themed Party Ideas

Featured Disney Frozen Party Supplies:

A. Disney Frozen Plastic Table Cover – 77303

B. Disney Frozen 9″ Plates – 77305

C. Disney Frozen 7″ Plates – 77304

D. Disney Frozen Luncheon Napkins – 77302

E. Disney Frozen Beverage Napkins – 77301

F. Disney Frozen 9 Oz. Cups – 77306

G. Disney Frozen 16 Oz. Plastic Cup – 77307

H. Disney Frozen Large Jointed Banner – 77310

I. Disney Frozen Party Hats – 77311

J. Disney Frozen Blowouts – 77312

K. Disney Frozen Loot Bags – 77313

L. Disney Frozen Invitations – 77314

M. Disney Frozen Twist Confetti Push Poppers – 78817

N. Disney Frozen Stretchy Bracelets – 77324

O. Disney Frozen Lenticular Sticker Sheets – 77329

P. Disney Frozen Tattoo Sheets – 77321

Q. Disney Frozen Hair Extensions – 94292

R. Disney Frozen Gift Wrap Roll – 77320

S. Disney Frozen Photo Props – 77322

T. Disney Frozen Decoration Kit – 77328

U. Disney Frozen Door Poster – 77327

V. Disney Frozen 18″ Foil Balloon – 77317

W. Disney Frozen 12″ Latex Balloons – 77315

X. Disney Frozen Hanging Swirl Decorations – 77309

Y. Disney Frozen Jumbo Gift Bag – 77319

Z. Disney Frozen Large Gift Bag – 77318

AA. Disney Frozen Party Tote Bag – 77323

BB. Disney Frozen Shaped Pull Pinata – 66445

CC. Disney Frozen 3D Pull Pinata Olaf – 77330