Easter Party Supplies - Easter Party Ideas

Easter Ideas and Activities for Any-Bunny Stuck at Home

Easter plans have changed for a lot of us who are social distancing and forgoing public gatherings. Protecting ourselves and others from getting sick is an important lesson to teach our kids, but you can also show them that even without the usual elaborate traditions, they can still celebrate Easter and have fun. Luckily, you can HOP online and order everything you need to plan a fun-filled family Easter party from the comfort of home.

Easter Party Supplies - Easter Party Ideas

Putting Together the Ultimate Egg Hunt

Now the main event for kids is the Easter egg hunt, of course! Grab one of our Lilac Easter Egg Hunt Buckets for each of your egg-seekers to stash their findings in. A soft felt handle makes the lightweight bucket easy to carry while dashing around. Add to the excitement and let kids pick out their favorite colored Easter Bunny Ear Party Headbands to wear during the game – there are 4 bright hues to choose from. Weather-permitting, set up your egg hunt outside. Stick our Easter Egg Hunt Clue Signs into the ground to give your little ones some helpful hints. These adorable clue signs will add extra color and charm to your lawn, and also give a little structure to the egg hunt for younger players who aren’t sure where to start their search. You could also use these Easter signs for an indoor egg hunt by popping the sticks into potted plants, vases, jars of jelly beans, or just taping them to a wall. A few signs inside the house will go a long way to making the space feel festive, and also keep kids from tearing through places you don’t want them looking.

Easter Party Supplies - Easter Party Ideas

A Basket Full of EGG-citement

Remind the kids that the Easter Bunny will still be making his rounds of Easter basket deliveries! Our Lilac Easter Egg Hunt Bucket also serves as a sweet Easter basket. Place a handful of crinkle paper strips in the bottom of the bucket before loading it up with Easter eggs, marshmallow treats, and candy – you know the drill! Pack up jelly beans or chocolates in our Easter Carrot Cone Cellophane Bags, so you don’t have loose candies rolling around in the Easter basket.

Easter Party Supplies - Easter Party Ideas

Creative Coloring Time

Take a break from screen time with some good, old-fashioned coloring! All you need is Easter Coloring Placemats and crayons or colored pencils. Put the paper placemats on the kids’ table to keep them occupied while getting Easter dinner ready, or use it as an activity during the day when everyone is a little restless.

Sweet Surprises

You can get plenty of Easter basket stuffers online, and kids who are stuck inside certainly deserve the extra goodies! Bunny lip balm, stickers, tattoos, bath bombs, playing cards, and other small toys make wonderful surprises for their baskets. Our Bunny Ear Easter Treat Bags are perfect for packing up these little gifts! You can also save the treat bags for party favors if you’ve scheduled your family Easter party for a later date.

As mentioned above, you can find all these fun Easter party supplies online and have them delivered to your door. While Easter Sunday is April 12 this year, you can plan your at-home Easter party for any time that’s convenient for your family. Pouring rain? Have your Easter egg hunt on the next sunny day!

Delayed shipping? Give Easter baskets once your packages arrive! We can show children how to make the best of a challenging situation… and candy helps!

Easter Party Supplies - Easter Party Ideas

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