Helium Balloon Tank

Helium balloons are a great way to create a bright and bold party experience, but transporting inflated balloons can be a hassle. Using our disposable helium tanks, you can easily inflate balloons right where you need them. Our helium balloon tanks are easy to use, safe, and may be recycled!

Product Highlights

  • Create a custom balloon bouquet or centerpiece for your special celebration with this easy-to-use Helium Balloon Tank.
  • With easy to hold handles, our helium tanks makes throwing a birthday party a piece of cake.
  • Bring this helium tank to your home, classroom, office, or party venue – easy to transport.
  • Once empty, this disposable helium tank may be recycled.

Helium Balloon Tank Products

20ct Helium Tank

Inflates approximately:
  • 20 9″ latex balloons, 11 11″ latex balloons, or 6 18″ foil balloons
  • Contains 4.98 FT3 of Helium (0.14M3)

30ct Helium Tank

Inflates approximately:
  • 30 9″ latex balloons, 16 11″ latex balloons or 14 18″ foil balloons
  • Contains 8.9 FT3 of Helium (.25M3)

50ct Helium Tank

Inflates approximately:
  • 50 9″ latex balloons, 26 11″ latex balloons, 22 18″ foil balloons or 8 34″ foil balloons
  • Contains 14.9 FT3 of Helium (.42M3)


Is the Helium Balloon Tank safe for children to use?

No, our helium tanks are not safe for children to use. Our helium balloon tanks are intended to be operated by a responsible adult. Children under the age of 14 should not use our helium tanks without DIRECT adult supervision. Safety issues and warnings associated with UNIQUE™ Helium Balloon Tanks, and balloons in general, can be found here.

Does Helium expire or "go bad"?

No, helium does not expire or “go bad,” nor does helium degrade. As long as the valve on the helium tank achieves an airtight seal, the helium in the tank will not escape. Once helium is placed inside a balloon, helium molecules will escape. View the anticipated float time for balloons for the 20ct Tank and the 30ct + 50ct tanks.

Can I inflate other items besides balloons?

The UNIQUE™ Helium Balloon Tank is intended only for inflating helium-quality balloons. Please do not attempt to inflate other items, or attempt to use the tank in any other unintended manner. Safety issues and warnings associated with the helium tank, and balloons in general, can be found here.

Can I refill the Helium Balloon Tank?

UNIQUE™’s Helium Balloon Tanks are not designed to be refilled with helium, or any other material. Attempting to refill the tank is dangerous. The dangers associated with refilling the tank are found in the safety issues and warnings associated with our helium tank. Refilling a tank and transporting it without properly labeling it is a violation of Federal U.S. and European law.

Where is it safe to store the Helium Balloon Tank?

Helium tanks should be stored in an indoor, well-ventilated, secure area. The tanks should not be stored in areas that are unprotected from the weather. Exposure to wet or damp areas could result in rusting, weakening the metal which could cause the tank to burst. The tank should be stored upright, to prevent damage to the nozzle or valve. The temperature of the storage area should not exceed 120˚F (49˚C). The storage area should not have any materials in it that are combustible.

Do not store the helium tank:

  • where salt or other corrosive materials are present.
  • in your vehicle for any extended period of time.
  • in high-traffic areas or emergency exits, where the tank could be tripped over or knocked down, resulting in damage to the tank, injury, or release of the helium.
How long do balloons stay afloat?

Balloon float times vary based on size and number of balloons inflated. Please refer to our Float Time chart for approximate balloon float times: 20ct Tank and the 30ct + 50ct tanks.

How do I handle the Helium Balloon Tank?

Please use the handles. Secure the helium tank when in use, and place it on a flat, stable surface. Do not overheat the tank. Do not drop the tank on sharp or pointed objects. If you experience any difficulty operating the tank valve, discontinue use. Never insert an object into valve openings, as damage to the valve may occur, causing inoperability or leaks.