Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas

6 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas for Frightfully Good Fun

There’s only one night a year when we can let our inner party monster out for a bit of treats and trickery – Halloween! Our crew goes all out on Halloween – we’ve had our Halloween costumes picked out since July. Now that school is back in session and pumpkins are popping up at the store, it’s finally socially acceptable to go full-speed into the Halloween season. We dug up a bunch of kid-friendly Halloween party games and activities so ghouls and boys of all ages can get in on the excitement. Not only are these Halloween party ideas fun, but are also easy and inexpensive to put together.

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas


Witch’s Hat Halloween Ring Toss

For a spooky twist on the classic ring toss party game, use our glow-in-the-dark necklaces as the rings and Mini Witch Party Hats as the targets. You can arrange the witch hats on a table or on the floor in any formation you like. Stick a strip of tape on the back of each hat’s brim to secure it to the surface, that way flying objects won’t knock them out of place. Then kids can take turns tossing the glowing rings and trying to get them to land on the Halloween witch hats.

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas


Pin the Spider on the Web

Grab one of these creepy black spiders and try to pin it on the web – they don’t bite! This all-in-one Halloween party game has everything you need to play. Hang up the web poster and let kids take turns wearing the included blindfold as they attempt to place their numbered spider sticker in the correct place. For added difficulty, spin the player around a few times to make them a bit dizzy first!

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas

Mystery Halloween Feel Game

Everyone can put their paws to the test with this Halloween guessing game. Grab an assortment of squishy, slimy, and stringy foods from your kitchen and divide them into our festive black and orange Halloween Paper Treat Cups. Players have to close their eyes and feel the objects inside each treat cup. You can tell kids that they’re touching eyeballs, worms, and teeth – but really it’s peeled grapes, cooked noodles, and dried corn kernels. Whoever correctly guesses what real world items they are actually touching is the winner!

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas

Build Your Own Halloween Candy Kabobs

Now that we’ve worked up our appetites, sink your sweet tooth into these Halloween treats. Put out gobs of chewy Halloween candy and let kids create their own kabobs. We used sour worms, peach rings, licorice, and other gummies. Stick them on our Bamboo Skewers for a fun and easy activity. Or assemble the candy skewers ahead of time and add them to our Silly Halloween Monster Cellophane Bags for guests to take home as a party favor.

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas

Guess How Many Critters in the Jar

Fill any jar or clear vessel with creepy Halloween party favors and have guests guess how many they think are inside. We used our Monster and Googly Eyes Finger Puppets, but you could also use Plastic Vampire Fangs or candy corn. Put out pencils and paper for kids to write down their estimates and whoever’s guess is closest wins. Plus, it doubles as a fun centerpiece for your Halloween party table. We popped one of our Silly Halloween Monster Centerpiece Decorations beside the bowl of goodies to pump up the fright factor!

Halloween Party Supplies - Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Photo Booth

Give guests a spot to show off their killer costumes in a DIY Halloween photo booth. All you need is a blank wall and some bright Halloween decorations. We layered our Candy Corn Pennant Banner, Lime Green Honeycomb Ball Garland, and Boo Letter Balloon Banner to create a dynamic Halloween backdrop. Snap photos with a camera or let guests take selfies with their phones.

It’s easy to liven up any monster bash with these Halloween party supplies. Find everything online or at your local party retail store. Happy haunting!

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